Fuelberg Lab

Department of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Science
Florida State University

What's New:

  • Thomas Mazzetti Attended NASA SARP 2015

  • Hosting Lightning and Aerosol Network Sensors

  • Not Just Bookworms

  • Nick Heath Continued as 2015 SARP Meteorologist

  • Collaborations With Outside Groups

  • Record Year for Publications

  • Fuelberg Lab Photo

    Back Row (left to right): Dan Halperin, Andy Lahr, Max Marchand, Sean Freeman;
    Middle Back Row: Nick Heath, Karly Jackson, Prof. Henry Fuelberg, Thomas Mazzetti;
    Middle Front Row: Tristan Hall, Ari Preston;
    Front Row: Daniel Allison, Ryan Walsh;

    Henry E. Fuelberg
    362 Love Building
    (850) 644-6466

    Research Lab I
    304 Love Building

    Research Lab II
    311 Love Building

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