Florida Lightning Climatology

May to September of 1989-2002
2.5km X 2.5km grid
Domain: 24.0N/32.5N and 78W/88W
Flow regimes based on the mean 1000-700mb wind from the Tallahassee, Jacksonville, Tampa, and Miami 12Z soundings
Thunderstorm day ==> at least one lightning strike in the particular grid box in a day
Frequency=number of thunderstorm days in a particular regime divided by the total number of days in that regime
Units for composite & all hours flash density images==>flashes per sq. km. per warm season
Units for hourly flash density images==>flashes per sq. km. per regime day


    Flash Density    24 Hour Loop


Flow Regimes for Panhandle
east 20-135
south 135-215
southwest 215-290
northwest 290-20

Speeds for Panhandle
calm-->less than 5kt
moderate-->between 5kt and 10kt
strong-->greater than 10kt

CALM    Flash Density    24 Hour Loop
CALM    Frequency    24 Hour Loop

EAST MODERATE    Flash Density    24 Hour Loop
EAST MODERATE    Frequency    24 Hour Loop

EAST STRONG    Flash Density    24 Hour Loop
EAST STRONG    Frequency    24 Hour Loop

SOUTH MODERATE  Flash Density    24 Hour Loop
SOUTH MODERATE  Frequency    24 Hour Loop

SOUTH STRONG  Flash Density    24 Hour Loop
SOUTH STRONG  Frequency    24 Hour Loop

SOUTHWEST MODERATE  Flash Density    24 Hour Loop
SOUTHWEST MODERATE  Frequency    24 Hour Loop

SOUTHWEST STRONG  Flash Density    24 Hour Loop
SOUTHWEST STRONG  Frequency    24 Hour Loop

NORTHWEST MODERATE  Flash Density    24 Hour Loop
NORTHWEST MODERATE  Frequency    24 Hour Loop

NORTHWEST STRONG  Flash Density    24 Hour Loop
NORTHWEST STRONG  Frequency    24 Hour Loop


Flow Regimes for Peninsula
r1-->ridge north of Florida (90-180)
r2-->ridge south of Florida (180-270)
r3-->ridge between TPA & JAX
JAX: 180-270
TPA & MIA: 90-180
r4-->ridge between TPA & MIA
TPA & JAX: 180-270
MIA: 90-180
r5-->possibly ridge over Florida panhandle???
JAX: 250-360
TPA: 0-100
MIA: 0-250
f1-->northwest flow (270-360)
f2-->northeast flow (10-110)

R1    Flash Density    24 Hour Loop
R1    Frequency    24 Hour Loop

R2    Flash Density    24 Hour Loop
R2    Frequency    24 Hour Loop

R3    Flash Density    24 Hour Loop
R3    Frequency    24 Hour Loop

R4    Flash Density    24 Hour Loop
R4    Frequency    24 Hour Loop

R5    Flash Density    24 Hour Loop
R5    Frequency    24 Hour Loop

F1    Flash Density    24 Hour Loop
F1    Frequency    24 Hour Loop

F2    Flash Density    24 Hour Loop
F2    Frequency    24 Hour Loop